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How Stem Cell Therapy Gave Hope Where There Was None For Near-Blind Glaucoma Patient

Stella a resident of Sierra Leone was suffering from complicated Glaucoma and Optic Never Atrophy, a condition in which the nerves that carry visual information to the brain gets damaged causing its patient to lose vision. Her family had already consulted dozens of doctors in their own country, searching for a cure to bring back their daughter’s vision, but the specialists had asked them to lose all hopes, declaring that she will never see again.

But fortunately, her family remained optimistic and kept on browsing Google to find treatment options, and fate brought one of her cousins on our website and who got in touch with our company.

We contacted back and forth for a few hours, and the moment our in-house team of doctors looked at her reports they knew that stem cell therapy could be a viable option for returning her vision, so we shared this information with her family who then decided to come to India almost instantly.

So, our executives quickly started working with them to provide them visa and flight assistance. 

Stella received her treatment from one of the best stem cell centre in India, Nutech Mediworld Hospital, and luckily her case was handled by Dr Geeta Shroff, who developed the human embryonic stem cell therapy, so you can analyze how acquainted she must be with the speciality.

She approached our company for any possible therapy, so our team arranged a video consultation between the concerned parties. Dr Shroff then did a video consult with the patient and reviewed her clinical and ophthalmic status while helping the family understand the possible benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for her case while ensuring to alter her family’s expectations out of the therapy.

Here’s, what she initially said about Stella’s condition “Patient Ms Stella Aggrey Carthy had a known case of bilateral glaucoma and who relied on homeopathic treatment in her home country. Sadly, the alternative therapy only worsened her condition. She was diagnosed with Bilateral end-stage complicated glaucoma with no light perception found in the cataract.”

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