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First Baby Delivered From a Deceased Donor Uterus Transplant in the USA

First Baby Delivered From a Deceased Donor Uterus Transplant in the USA

Mankind has surpassed its limits yet again. The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio claims to have delivered the first baby in the USA from a womb which was transplanted from the body of a dead donor.

Uterine transplants have made it possible for dozens of women to conceive and then give birth. However, usually, the wombs are donated by living donors like a relative or a friend. In December 2018, Brazil doctors reportedly delivered the world's first baby using a uterus of a deceased donor.

On 18th June 2019, a baby girl was born from the womb of a woman who received a deceased donor uterus transplant, at the Cleveland Clinic in North America.

The transplant surgeon, Andreas Tzakis, shared her vision and talked about the clinic's future plans, on the hospital's website. They plan on enrolling 10 women in a study. Using this research, they aim to make these extraordinary events more ordinary for women who opt for this option. She further added how a donor's generosity can help a patient start their family and result in the birth of a baby.

The technique for these transplant surgeries was initially pioneered in Sweden, where the first successful surgery of this kind was performed almost five years ago.

The Cleveland Clinic released a statement on Tuesday, 9th July 2019 that the baby girl was born on 18th June. So far, the medical center has performed five uterus transplants, and three of them have been successful, with two women currently waiting to attempt to conceive a baby with their new wombs.

Read the full article: https://nbcnews.to/2LdZD4S


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