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Dr Ajay Kaul: The Indian Heart Surgeon Whose Hands Lead to Medical Miracles

Dr Ajay Kaul: The Indian Heart Surgeon Whose Hands Lead to Medical Miracles

Dr Ajay Kaul Gives an Iraqi Patient a new lease at Life after performing Artificial Heart Transplant Surgery on him.

Recently, a miracle took place in the medical world, when a 52-year-old Iraqi man got a new lease at life when his heart resumed to functioning normally 18 months after he got an artificial heart implant surgery in India.

The patient had initially experienced a cardiac failure, following which the doctors planned on performing an artificial heart surgery on him because of his critical condition.

Hani Jawad Mohammed, an Iraqi businessman, had contacted Dr Ajay Kaul, the Chairman & Head of Cardiothoracic vascular surgery department, at BLK Heart Centre almost one and a half year ago, regarding his condition. He came to India, with a slowly failing heart.

Dr Ajay Kaul shared the details of the patient’s initial condition when he first came to India. He told the media that the patient was very critical when he was admitted to the hospital. Heart transplantation was the only option that could help him survive, but due to his severe condition and lack of donors, they decided to place an artificial heart implant in his body, as it was the only alternative.

The procedure was completed successfully. But due to the risks involved in the procedure, the patient was kept on a constant check, and the team of doctors closely monitored his implant and organic heart, which was put on medicines.

Recently, when Mr Jawad came for his routine check-up almost after 3 months, the doctors were surprised to see that his original heart was functioning properly and had recovered completely.

During his stay at the hospital, the doctors monitored the functioning of his original heart by slowing the artificial implant, multiple times to be assured. And after a series of tests found that it has indeed recovered.

Dr Ajay Kaul talked about this miraculous event, “Generally, the original heart shows 10-15% recovery, but Mr Jawad’s heart was functioning like a healthy heart. It is surely a medical miracle.”

Hani Jawad Mohammed’s heart is beating normally again without any support. It is a rebirth for the patient.

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